The Annual General Assembly


I have the pleasure to announce that Gabriele Calaminus has taken over the reigns of SIOP President from Maarten Egeler this year in October. We wish her a successful stint at the helm of affairs at SIOP.

The 43rd annual congress of SIOP will be held in 2011 at Auckland, New Zealand (Scott Macfarlane, Chair LOC). The 44th annual congress of SIOP will be held at London, UK in 2012 (Kathy Pritchard Jones, Chair LOC). The Council had received 4 bids from Asia for the SIOP 2013, the 45th congress : Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing and New Delhi. The Council chose the bids of Hongkong & Shanghai to make the full proposals to the Council in October & finally selected the bid from Hongkong. Thus in 3 years Asia will once again host the SIOP Congress at Hongkong! The Council has rescheduled the following rotation of venues for the Annual SIOP Congresses in the future.

SIOP Asia will have the turn again in 2018 to host the SIOP Congress.

Table 2 : Annual SIOP Congress Rotation

Oceania / Asia 2011
Europe 2012
Asia 2013
North America 2014
Africa 2015
Europe 2016
South Amercia 2017
Asia / Oceania 2018
North America 2019
Europe 2020