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News from the Board.....

I have the pleasure to announce that Gabriele Calaminus has taken over the reigns of SIOP President from Maarten Egeler this year in October. We wish her a successful stint at the helm of affairs at SIOP.

The 43rd annual congress of SIOP will be held in 2011 at Auckland, New Zealand (Scott Macfarlane, Chair LOC). The 44th annual congress of SIOP will be held at London, UK in 2012 (Kathy Pritchard Jones, Chair LOC). The Council had received 4 bids from Asia for the SIOP 2013, the 45th congress : Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing and New Delhi. The Council chose the bids of Hongkong & Shanghai to make the full proposals to the Council in October & finally selected the bid from Hongkong.


Regional Meetings

The SIOP Board is very supportive towards regional meetings. Two Continental SIOP meetings (SIOP Asia 2010 and SIOP Africa 2010) took place this year in March. The first one i.e. SIOP Asia 2010 was held at Kisch Island, Iran ( from 2nd-5th March and the second i.e. SIOP Africa 2010 at Accra, Ghana ( from 10th-12th March. The Scientific programs for both the meetings was excellent. The next SIOP Asia Congress will be held at Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 20th – 25th April, 2012 (Chair of LOC – Dr. Sutaryo). The SIOP Council will participate as faculty at this meeting to show its solidarity & play an advocacy role in this part of the world.

Two Documents by the ETTF

The Board/Council also approved 2 documents on " Training Requirements for Subspecialty Programmes in Paediatric Haematology and Oncology" and " Standards for training centres " proposed by the ETTF Task Force. Please note that these documents are for countries where such training programs do not exist. You will receive these documents from the SIOP Secretariat or you can download them from the website

Constitutional Amendments

The Board has considered the request of the Continental Branches of SIOP to raise 'extra' membership subscription from its continental branch members to sustain the finances of the respective branches. This extra 'levy' will be applicable to members only after the Annual General Assembly of the branch & that of SIOP formally approves this. The levy will be collected centrally by SIOP and then reimbursed annually to the Continental branch. A constitutional amendment has been approved by the SIOP Assembly in October to implement this.

Changes at SIOP Secretariat

The current contract of SIOP with 'Perfekt' the company which handles the SIOP Secretariat gets over on 1st January 2011. Rosalinde Kennis has worked for SIOP for the past 14 years with utmost dedication. The Board received 26 applications from Association Management Companies in June for taking over this responsibility. It was quite challenging for the Board / Council to make a choice. Kenes International from Geneva was finally appointed as the new SIOP administrative office. We hope to move on to a more professional management of our Secretariat in the coming year with the new outfit. But as expected, this transitional period could result in difficulties for the members. You are requested to bear with us during this period

Let me wind up with a wish for you to have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Looking forward to see you at Auckland next year !

Bharat Agarwal

Honorary Secretary General, SIOP

Consultant Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist

Head, Dept. of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology,

B. J. Wadia Hospital for Children, Parel, Mumbai-400012. India

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