Database system of childhood cancers launched in Japan

Asian network of tumor bank with standardized diagnostic system

In March, 2011, the Japanese government has decided to set up the first national database center for childhood cancers using a cloud computing system at Chiba Cancer Center. This could be linked to the children's cancer database in other countries in the near future.

The aim of this cloud computing database for childhood cancers:

  1. ) To make a novel ICT system for a long term follow-up of survivors to improve QOL seamlessly from child to adult.

  2. ) To make an inter-hospital network of the children's cancer database which can be used for 100 years.

  3. ) To make a children's cancers database utilized for clinical and basic researches, and even for registration.


Pediatric Cancer Tumor Bank Networking in Asia for Standardized Diagnostic System

SIOP Asia and The Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Association (ANRA) have been working to build the Pediatric Cancer Tumor Bank Network System for standardized diagnostic system and treatments in Asia and other developing countries.

We expect a lot of treatment facilities in Asia join us and register.


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